School Improvement Plan

Each year we work hard on the issues that matter most. Through analysis of data, conversations with teachers, children, governors, parents and other stakeholders together with analysis of surveys and quesionnaires, we produce a School Improvement Plan that highlights in detail the key focus areas for the school and provides both ourselves and the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership Trust with a clear overview of current priorities that can be worked on together. This is then reviewed in December, March and July and actions agreed for the following term. We pride ourselves at Welton in ensuring everyone is involved and is clear about the work that we do. For this reason we believe it is important that parents and visitors to this website can also engage in our plans so if you would like to see a copy of this year's plan, please make contact. Many thanks. 

In 2023-2024 our main school improvment priorities are:

  • Further improve outcomes in writing for all pupils.
  • Improve reading outcomes for boys.
  • Continue to provide an ambitious, well-planned and tailored curriculum in all subjects particularly for disadvantaged pupils and those with SEND.
  • Ensure we are supporting children to develop long-term memory, cultural capital and fluency in their learning.
  • Develop pupil understandings of their place in the world and to respect global differences, becoming well-rounded global citizens.
  • Ensure good attendance.
  • Proactively promote positive wellbeing strategies.
  • All children experience enriching outdoor learning opportunities and develop external links within the community.
  • All children to understand principles of healthy eating and how to ensure a healthy approach to food and drink.
  • Provide children with opportunities to learn and develop their own knowledge and understanding of careers and value of learning - Career Related Learning
  • Develop pupil’s ability to think critically - to enable them to make safe life choices and to not be manipulated or coerced.
  • Further develop the evaluation and monitoring roles of subject leaders in all curriculum areas.
  • Further develop parent partnerships and school community links so that all involved with the school are working as one to improve outcomes and life chances for all pupils.
  • Ensure children in the nursery are school-ready and have the necessary skills and knowledge to ease into school life.
  • Reading and phonics in EYFS are a priority, preparing children for fluent and confident reading in Y1