Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

At Welton, the planning and implementation of our PSHE education programme ensures it meets the needs of our children. We ensure that all children have a wide range of experiences in PSHE as we know that they need these opportunities to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life.

In particular, we believe that Welton children need:

  • A greater awareness of self help regulatory strategies at times of need
  • To understand and embed the Welton school values so they permeate all aspects of their lives safely
  • To appreciate PSHE education through a variety of visits, aspirational visitors, role models and events to widen asprations for future related careers.

To support these aims, we use a variety of resources to support our PSHE learning. Jigsaw is used as a basis for our PSHE themes to ensure consistency across all classes however a variety of other resources are used to support the contextual needs of our children. For example, to support our children with aspects of digital safety, our PCSO and Somerset Police run regular sessions for the children and parents. The local police have also delivered sessions on criminal responsibility as well as the risks involved in gangs and anti-social behaviour which is an issue for some young people in our local area. We recognised that a particular cohort of children needed to develop their own wellbeing strategies so invited the Massage in Schools programme to deliver a series of lessons in KS2, to great success. We have also used resources from a variety of charities including NSPCC, Young Citizens and invite other visitors such as the School Nursing Service to talk with the children throughout the year, particularly with health related issues. We recognise that our children need to develop their critical thinking skills, to avoid possible coercion, manipulation and abuse, so in partnership with the Open Minds Foundation, Mr Snell created a scheme of work and associated resources to support children from EYFS to Y6. This resource is now being used by schools and educational establishments across the world.

External visits are also an important part of our PSHE learning with children attending Root Connections in Chilcompton to learn about the importance of social enterprise and the LifeSkills centre in Bristol supports our Year 6 children with learning about life safety. In 2023-2024, children in Year 5 developed their wellbeing and an understanding of their place in the world by connecting with Year 5 children in the Skola da Vinci School in Prague with a small group visiting the school and city to investigate wellbeing strategies in another country. See for more information about this fantastic visit.

Regular career events are held at the school. Vounteers from the world of work come to talk with the children about their jobs. Career learning is also embedded throughout all teaching to ensure our children see relevance to their learning and support their future lives. See for details.

We believe our PSHE learning encompasses emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development in a comprehensive and progressive package. PSHE lessons take place weekly and are often linked to the school value of the week which in turn are linked to British Values. Whole school assemblies are used to launch new PSHE themes.

PSHE Progression document 2023/2024

MNSP Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2023

An NSPCC Summary of Government RHSE

Children in Y5 learning about teamwork/communication/roles/responsibilities in a PSHE lesson!