Modern Foreign Languages

At Welton, French is taught from Year 3 onwards. French is taught in a fun, engaging way, using authentic French materials such as songs, stories, poems and rhymes. Our overview for French is based upon Primary Languages Network which ensures progression in the 4 key skills of learning a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and builds children’s confidence in speaking a foreign language.

The breadth of our MFL curriculum is adapted to our beliefs about the needs of our pupils and our values as a school. We have agreed that within our MFL curriculum, Welton children need:

  • Greater opportunities to experience spoken foreign language first hand
  • To understand and respect the range of languages spoken within the school
  • To appreciate the subject through aspirational visitors, role models and events for future careers

MFL progression 2023-24

Primary Languages Network progression of core skills

Primary Languages Network scheme of work overview