Sports Premium Funding

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Our funding for 2014-2015 was spent on the following:

  • Provide high quality sporting opportunities for all
  • Provide children with sports they have not experienced before
  • Mentoring vulnerable children through sport
  • High quality sports coaches to support curriculum learning
  • Provide extracurricular sports for parents e.g. boot camp
  • Free sports clubs for all pupils
  • CPD for all staff using ‘Up and Under Sports’
  • Development of children as Play Leaders to run and organise lunchtime activities
  • Lunchtime adult play leaders to model effective play with SMSAs
  • Participate in community sporting events
  • Develop First FUNS sporting curriculum including PDM to launch and develop
  • Invest in new PE kits for all pupils

Our funding for 2013-2014 was spent on the following:

Our income from Sports Premium funding for 2013 2014 was £8504.

It was spent on the following:

  • £618 to provide 1:1 support for identified children who needed to develop key sporting skills (e.g. catching, balancing etc).
  • £1561 to provide a new scheme of work for PE (FUNS) that focusses on pupil attitudes to sport as well as developing key skills.
  • £6325 to provide high quality sporting opportunities for pupils and staff (including staff development) using experienced high quality sporting provision from 'Up and Under Sports' and funding to enable all clubs to be free of charge this year.

Sport and PE have played a huge part in our successes this year. We have utilised our Sports Premium funds to raise standards, participation and enjoyment levels in sport, physical activity and health for ALL pupils. So far, our funding has been spent on the following:

Providing a range of exciting extra-curricular clubs, for all ages, free of charge. We have had a significant uptake in clubs - some clubs now have up to 60 pupils which in the past had difficulty in attracting 30.

Staff CPD/training.

A new and innovative curriculum, focusing on the fundamental movement skills.

£1,000 has been spent on sports equipment, ranging from hurdles, a long jump and a tug of war rope.

SMSAs have been given appropriate training on how to engage children in sport throughout lunchtimes.

'5 a Day' resource. This is an interactive programme that allows the children to participate in five minutes of aerobic activities within the classroom.

SEN interventions for those children with fundamental movement problems.

Gifted and Talented programme for pupils throughout the school.

Once a week, a sports coach will set up a selection of games and referee matches, during the lunch time.

Homework bags for Sport.

A Leadership programme for Y4 and Y5 pupils.

A school trip to Bath University for Years 1 and 2.


Our biggest success recently has had to be our 'Sports Week'. Every child experienced at least 7 hours of PE throughout the week, whilst learning a range of new sports: archery, bootcamp, handball, lacrosse, yoga and street dance. Other sporting professionals (physiotherapists and nutritionists) came and gave inspirational talks to each class. The school was buzzing with excitement and we saw the children at their best: being excited about their learning, working collaboratively and finding some hidden talents!  

We have begun to participate in competitions in the wider community! The children representing our school have shown exceptional sportsmanship, talent and it has created memories that they will always remember. A number of children took part in the Chew Valley 1km run – a number of staff took part in the 10k run too! Sport has had a huge impact on our children. If you would like to see this in more detail, then I would be happy to share it.  

Our successes have been recognised by BANES, as we won the Contribution of Sport In Education Award, not to mention winning the Bath Rugby Teachers' Tag Tournament 2014 on the 9th July. GO TEAM WELTON!