Around the school....

Front of the school


Welton Primary School was built in 1899. The front has changed very little over the years, blending into the surrounding mining houses along Radstock Road. The front of the school was once a playground but is now the main school car park.

Rear of the school


Looking away from the school from the main playground. Midway into the distance is the Greenway Cycle Path which we use for Runday Mondays and other outdoor opportunities. This is also a safer route to school if you live in Radstock or Welton...

The rear of the school has a beautiful view of open fields and farmland. There are no roads and it is safe and quiet - a really good place to improve our emotional health! This photo is looking from the school towards the lower playground which is often reserved for ball games during play times.

Playing Field

The playing field at Welton School is a large, quiet, safe environment for children to use. It has many uses including learning time, Sports Day, playtimes, School Fayre and P.E. lessons. We have a nature area and willow structure - ideal for den building and exploring! We also have a pond and wildlife garden complete with dipping platform in one section of the field - with thanks to National Lottery Awards for All funding. The timber trail is also a very popular addition to the area.


"I like the way you feel safe because your friends are right next to you" - "You can pretend the ropes and poles are different things like jungle vines or washing lines" - "It feels like you've been shrunk because the climbing wall is so big" - "I like it because when you fall off it doesn't hurt" - "You feel like you're jumping from tree to tree" - "I enjoy it because it is really challenging" - "It's a challenge when you swing from rope to rope" - "I like it because when you're lonely, you can play on the Timber-Trail and feel better because there's always people on it"

Reception Outdoor Play Area

The reception outdoor play area contains a fabulous wooden fortress and a large covered area alongside the Reception class with access from the rear of the classroom. This area also has sand and water play, bikes, trikes, a friendship bench and a huge copper beech tree. This area is used every day come rain or shine - our Year 1s enjoy using it too!

Main Playground

The main playground and playing field are located at the rear of the school, away from the noise, danger and pollution of the main road. This allows the children to play in complete safety - often with a range of 'huff and puff' equipment! There are seats and planters (maintained by the children) alongside various wooden play structures. We even have an outdoor shelter which we use as an outdoor classroom and space to shelter from the rain and sun!

Children were asked what they thought about the main playground.

"The top playground is an exciting playground. It has got a wooden house, a log forest, a garden area and benches with games on them. We play tag, stuck-in-the-mud, catch, football and lots more fun games."

Reception Class - Wren


Year 1 - Robin

Year 2 - Nightingale


Year 3 - Kingfisher

Year 4 - Kestrel

Year 5 - Hawk

Year 6 - Eagle